Training Tips for Employers

Training Tips for Employers

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July 2010

Employers - Training Tips

Tip 1: Employers - Why use Work-History?
  1. Register for FREE all your current Employees - increase their motivation and overall productivity
  2. Employ the best person for the job - Finally, verified and dependable information about employees you can rely on! Don’t be deceived!
  3. Star Rate your Employees - through the cheapest and most reliable system using Work-History’s 20-question model where you can use our questions,customise your own or incorporate your current KPI or appraisal system.
  4. No Contracts and No expensive software - No need to install software and For AUD $24.00 you get 12 Star Ratings for an employee (i.e. 1 per month, per employee, to be used within 12 months from date of purchase).
  5. Privacy Options - enable you to protect the identity of your valuable staff and keep your employee's profiles private. Have Work-History as an internal OR publicly accessible appraisal tool.
  6. Get back in control - Success depends on the quality of your staff. Work-History helps the selection and management of your staff, leading to a safer, happier and more productive work place environment.
  7. Quick and Easy to use - Via an email reminder and link to past Star Ratings you can update and complete an appraisal in minutes.
Tip 2: Employers - How to get started?
  1. Once on the www.work-history.com homepage, go to the dark blue 'NEW EMPLOYER' box and click 'Join Now FREE'
  2. Fill in all the mandatory fields and click submit. (NOTE: Be sure to use exact spellings and create a username and secret question you will remember).
  3. Shortly after, you will receive an email asking you to click on the link to activate your Work-History account.
  4. In this email, your unique username will be confirmed and you will be provided with your password and PIN. The username and password are used to activate your account. The PIN is used to provide secure verification of requests and records.
  5. After activation of your Employer account, you can register all your employees, which sends an invitation to them to become a registered member of Work-History.
  6. Your employees will receive this invitation and may consent or not to joining Work-History. Upon receiving Membership consent, you can proceed to Star Rate them after you pay the Membership subscription.
Tip 3: Employers - How to invite my employees?
  1. Once signed into the Work-History website with your username and password you will be directed to your 'Employer Services' page.
  2. Click on the link that says 'Add employee'.
  3. Fill in all the mandatory fields and choose how often you wish to Star Rate this employee, then click submit.
  4. The employee will receive an invitation email with a link to either consent or not consent to being an employee member of Work-History (if they choose not to consent they will not have a Work-History for their employment with you).
  5. In this email they will also be provided with their username, password and PIN.
  6. Repeat this process for all your employees.
Tip 4: Employers - How to Star Rate my employees?
  1. Once you’ve added all your employees onto the Work-History system go back to your ‘Employer Services’ page. You can find the ‘Employer Services’ tab on the left hand side of the browser.
  2. Each employee will be listed down the left hand side of the table.
  3. The right hand column of your Employer Services table is titled 'Next Step'. Underneath that, for each individual employee you will see a 'Star Rate NOW' with a gold star. Click on that to star rate each employee individually.
  4. Once you click on this you will be directed to Work-History’s standard 15 questions and answers that are the same across all industries. All 15 questions are multiple choice and you choose the answers that best suit the employee you are Star Rating.
  5. There are also 5 role specific (job specific) questions that are added at the end of the 15 questions the employee you are Star Rating. You can either use the additional 5 Work-History suggested questions and answers or you can create your own customised 5.
  6. At the end of the questions there is also a space titled ‘Final comments on employee’ where you have the choice to leave comments if you wish. Please keep in mind potential future employers will be able to see these comments, if they access the detailed profile of the employee.
Tip 5: Employer - Some FAQs
  1. What is an Employer Administrator account? - When you sign up your company onto Work-History you also create your Employer Administrator. You can also choose who becomes the administrator. The administrator adds new employees, makes changes when required and also performs Star Ratings.
  2. Can I create my own questions for my employees? - Yes. I can create as many customised questionnaires for departments, teams or individuals as I like. They are based on the 15 standard Work-History questions and I can add in 5 customised questions and answers.
  3. How do I pay to use Work-History? - Some services of Work-History are offered FREE. For any chargeable services you can pay securely online using Visa, MasterCard, American Express, BPay or EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer). Work-History uses the secured payment gateway from the Third Party solution SecurePay (www.securepay.com.au) to process all transactions.
  4. What is a Work-History Membership subscription? - To Star Rate your employees, it costs AUD $24, which gives you up to 12 Star Ratings within a period of 12 months. When the 12 Star Ratings are used, or the period of 12 months expires (whichever comes first), you can quickly and easily renew the subscription online.
  5. If I hide current employee records, what happens when they leave for another job? - When employment ends, an employee’s hidden Work-History records can be viewed and become publicly searchable.
  6. What if I am requested to verify a job that did not exist or had details wrong? - As an employer, I would NOT verify the request as correct because if I did so I could be requested to show payments (i.e. wages, payroll tax, superannuation or even GST), which obviously couldn’t be substantiated if the job was incorrect or never existed.
  7. Do I have to download any software? - NO software to install! Work-History is a simple online system that can be accessed by browser 24/7.
  8. How often should I Star Rate my employees? - You can Star Rate your employees as often as you like. However, keep in mind that for AUD $24 you are provided with 12 Star Ratings, which means 1 per month should you choose to Star Rate on a monthly basis. However, Work-History encourages you to do it more often than that should you choose to review performance more frequently with the purchase of more credits. The more frequent Star Rating, the greater encouragement for employees to improve performance.
  9. What is an employer Star Rater? - A Star Rater is an employer who reviews employee performance and completes the Star Rating.
  10. What is a Work-History CCC Reference? - Clients, Customers and Colleagues (CCCs) of employees can all have their say and can easily provide their own workplace references via the Work-History system. Work-History’s CCC Reference system allows instant feedback that goes directly to the employee and employer via email. To be able to provide a reference, a Client, Customer or Colleague must be an existing Work-History member. This ensures the reference is from a genuine source and cannot be submitted anonymously.

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