Employer testimonials

Employer testimonials

Jamie Lobina
Managing Director
Superior Sales Force Pty Ltd


"As a Medium size Australian Employment company of 80-100 employees, we believe it is critical in today’s competitive business environment to lead the way in staff assessment.

This is why we have chosen WorkHistory as we see this will allow us to save time and assess all our employees across the country on a more regular basis, which is in the interests of both our employees and our business."

Superior Sales Force Company Overview

Superior Sales Force is a National Sales and Merchandising Company, specialising in the Route, Grocery, Petrol & Convenience, Pharmacy and Food Service markets. Superior Sales Force was established in 1999, with the Directors recognising the assistance companies needed in getting quick and instant distributors for product launching, building brand and generating new customers.

We have successfully supplied Blitz Sales Teams, National Merchandising Teams, Relief Territory Management, Product Relays and New Product Launches to some of Australia's largest multi-national companies over the past 11 years. Providing relief sales representatives to cover existing sales territories is a service that our clients utilise regularly. Superior Sales Force has conducted over a dozen leading new product launches across Australia, on behalf of companies such as Coca-Cola Amatil, Berri Limited, Weis Frozen Foods, Sanitarium Health Food Company, Fosters Limited and Uncle Tobys.

Alfonso Maccioni
Australian Newsagents Federation Ltd


"The WorkHistory flexibility to be able to review performance and attendance of key staff quickly, cheaply and via a browser 24x7 would appeal to our Newsagents who need to keep a close eye on every aspect of their business – especially if they have multiple employees and more than one location.

It is a really useful tool to be able to ensure people turn up on time when they are required, without putting extra pressure on other team members. It is also a great system to track honesty and meeting goals in an industry which relies so heavily on its employees.

I am confident that our members will gain good benefits from using this quick and easy, new workplace tool."

Australian Newsagents Federation Ltd Overview

The Australian Newsagents' Federation (ANF) is the peak industry body representing Australian newsagencies. There are 5000 individually owned and operated newsagencies in the country and together they make up Australia's largest retail and home delivery group turning over $6.5 billion a year and employing more than 20,000 people.

The role of the ANF is to ensure each and every newsagent member has easy access to quality information, better services and the tools to achieve a better bottom line. At ANF, it's our job to ensure our members are professionally represented and supported on all fronts, which includes access to tools and advice on areas such as Human Resource Management, cost control, increasing productivity and effective communication with our member’s staff and customers.