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WORK-HISTORY provides the fastest, most efficient way to improve performance and choose the right person for the right job.

Success depends on the quality of your staff. WORK-HISTORY helps the selection and management of your staff, leading to a safer, happier and more productive working environment.

Employee performance

  • WORK-HISTORY allows you to assess your employees on a month-by-month basis in just 5 minutes and uses easy to understand graphical representations that chart an employee’s progress.
  • WORK-HISTORY is based on 15 standard questions, with five customisable questions. There is scope to create a completely customizable set of questions. This provides for both a tailored and ‘big picture perspective’.
  • All of the employee’s work history is kept online at www.work-history.com, for easy access to your records.
  • There are no contracts and no expensive software
  • Privacy options enable you to protect the identity of your valuable staff and keep your employee's profiles private.

Choosing the right people:

WORK-HISTORY facilitates faster, more efficient assessment of a potential employee’s true professional track record. WORK-HISTORY replaces self-written CVs and resumes that are outdated and irrelevant in the 21st Century workplace.

WORK-HISTORY provides you with a fast, continuous star rating appraisal system to measure your current employees performance. It also offers the most efficient way to gain a truly reflective insight of a potential employee’s true suitability for the job.

  • REGISTER FREE all your current employees – increase their motivation and productivity
  • STAR RATE YOUR EMPLOYEES using WORK-HISTORY’s consistent and job specific series of 20 multiple choice questions which are quick and easy to use.
  • CLIENTS, CUSTOMERS AND COLLEAGUES can have their say and provide valuable instant feedback directly to you on your employees. This enables better customer service. Have eyes and ears even when you’re not around!
  • 360° PERSPECTIVE of an individual’s career performance through its sourcing of feedback an appraisal not only from the employer but also clients, customers and colleagues (CCCs). This holistic and continuous approach creates a documented profile of an individual’s WORK-HISTORY that is beyond doubt and facilitates their development and progression throughout their career.
  • PRIVACY OPTIONS as an employer you can choose from different privacy settings or use the system internally to compliment your existing HR or performance review system.
  • NO CONTRACTS / NO EXPENSIVE SOFTWARE – For as little as AUD $2 per star rating per employee (i.e. 1 per month, to be used within 12 months from date of purchase).
  • QUICK AND EASY TO USE – Via an email reminder and link to past Star Ratings you can update and complete an appraisal in minutes.
  • COMMUNICATION WITH EMPLOYEE – Once the Star Rating is completed, Work-History sends an email to the employee for review and consent.
  • FREQUENT STAR RATINGS - Enable employers to prevent future problems from occurring as issues are dealt with quickly and effectively.
  • Don’t waste anymore time or money! Join WORK-HISTORY now!