20 Questions

20 Questions

The following list of 20 Standard Work-History multiple choice questions may be used by Employers when Star Rating their employees.

Or just the first 15 Standard questions can be used and 5 new company or role specific customised questions can be created easily online when performing the 360° review.

Question 1 - Does the employee turn up to work on time or as required?
a) No, despite written warnings, they often arrived late, but still left on time
b) Usually, but when they don’t, they don't make up for lost time
c) Yes, mostly on time or as required and if not, will make up for lost time
d) Yes, always on time and starts work as required
e) Always arrives early, starts on time and often works back voluntarily

Question 2- Does the employee have the knowledge, skill, and ability for the role?
a) No, not really, and a lot of improvement is required
b) Improvement is required to meet the knowledge skill and ability for the role
c) They meet the expectations required for the role
d) They exceed the expectations required for the role
e) They have exceptional knowledge skill and ability beyond this role

Question 3 - Does the employee have good time management and organisational skills?
a) They are very disorganised and waste a lot of time
b) They need to improve to become more efficient and productive
c) They have good time management and organisational skills as expected
d) They exceed expectations and are very organised
e) They are highly organised and time efficient an exceptional employee

Question 4 - How would you rate the quality of the employee's work?
a) It is mostly unsatisfactory
b) It needs improvement and a greater attention to detail to achieve the level expected
c) Their quality of work meets expectations
d) Their quality of work exceeds expectations
e) The employee's quality of work is exceptional and outstanding and of the highest quality

Question 5 - How would you rate the employee's initiative and self-motivation?
a) They are considered quite lazy, and avoid work were possible
b) It is felt they could work harder and often worked below their capability
c) Their initiative and self-motivation meets expectations
d) The employee never needs to be told what to do, they have initiative and self-motivation
e) They have a great initiative and exceed expectations always giving 100% percent

Question 6 - How do you see the employee's teamwork, cooperation, relationship and networking?
a) They tried to work by themselves and alienated other team members or personnel
b) With some more improvement they will be satisfactory
c) They meet expectations
d) They exceed expectations work well with others and take time to network
e) They are exceptional employees in all aspects

Question 7 - Was the employee's presentation and attire appropriate?
a) They did not adhere to appropriate dress codes or Occupational Health & Safety requirements
b) Their presentation and attire was not always appropriate for the position
c) They dressed as required and presentation was as expected
d) They were well presented and a credit to the company
e) Their presentation, grooming and adherence to appropriate dress standards was exceptional

Question 8 - Could the employee work unsupervised and are they reliable?
a) No they required constant supervision and checking to ensure they worked as expected
b) Some supervision was frequently required to ensure tasks were completed
c) Yes, they could work unsupervised and are quite reliable
d) Yes, they could work well unsupervised and are reliable
e) Yes, they could work on their own and are always very reliable

Question 9 - Would you consider this employee has potential to improve?
a) They have not shown any potential to improve
b) Yes they show some signs of wanting to improve but need a greater effort
c) Yes highly likely as they frequently show a willingness to improve
d) Absolutely, they are improving all the time
e) They are exceptional and do not need to improve much but still try to improve

Question 10 - Demonstrated ability to complete allocated tasks, goals and deadlines?
a) Unfortunately they rarely completed allocated tasks and goals and never met deadlines
b) They tried hard but need some improvement to meet expectations
c) They meet expectations
d) They exceed expectations
e) They are exceptional at completing allocated tasks, goals and achieving deadlines on time

Question 11 - Does the employee learn new tasks, seek information and follow procedures?
a) It is very difficult as they are deeply entrenched in their current ways
b) A greater effort is required
c) They do meet expectations
d) They have a great ability to learn new tasks, seek information and follow procedures
e) They are exceptional at learning new tasks, seeking information and following procedures

Question 12 - How was the employee perceived by clients, customers and colleagues?
a) They were usually avoided where possible
b) If they worked a little bit more on their people skills, they would be well liked
c) The employee got on very well with clients, customers and colleagues
d) All clients, customers and colleagues liked the employee very much and made it known
e) They have outstanding people skills, are genuine, they listen and are extremely well liked by all

Question 13 - Is the employee resilient and flexible?
a) They were set in their ways and any change was met with difficulty
b) They tried to be flexible however a greater effort is needed
c) They could handle any change with ease
d) They would volunteer to carry out tasks and activities outside their role
e) They had a great enthusiasm and could complete any task given to them

Question 14 - How often did the employee achieve their key performance indicators (KPIs)?
a) 0 – 33% of the time achieved their KPI’s
b) 34 -- 66% of the time achieved their KPI’s
c) 67- 99% of the time achieved their KPi’s
d) 100% of the time achieved their KPI’s
e) Their KPI’S and goals were always exceeded

Question 15 - How would you rate the employee's overall performance?
a) Mostly unsatisfactory
b) Needs improvement in some areas
c) Meets expectations
d) Exceeds expectations
e) They perform exceptionally at all times

Question 16 - Does the employee have good self-control and are they resistant to stress?
a) No, they warned management they were stressed and that they may need to claim stress leave
b) They need a little bit more confidence in their own ability to handle any situation
c) They would handle any situation as expected without fuss
d) Pressure was seen as a challenge to overcome and stress was controlled
e) Like water off a duck's back, cool and calm with never any worries - work was always completed

Question 17 - Does the employee follow procedures as required?
a) They have difficulty remembering them
b) They try however a greater effort is required
c) Yes they usually follow procedures as required
d) Yes they always follow procedures as required
e) Yes, and exceed expectations and show leadership in helping others do the same

Question 18 - Does the employee have good communication skills?
a) Not necessarily, but where they lack they try to make up elsewhere
b) Usually, but a more consistent effort is required
c) Yes as expected
d) Their communication skills exceed expectations
e) They have exceptional communication skills

Question 19 - What is the employee's impact and influence?
a) They have a negative impact and a negative influence
b) They just get by day to day and make little impact or influence
c) They have a positive impact and influence on others
d) They radiate happiness and confidence and are a pleasure to work with
e) They have an exceptionally positive impact and influence on everyone and a pleasure to work with

Question 20 - Has the employee ever been disciplined or warned for any breach of policy?
a) Yes they have been disciplined for a very major breach
b) Yes they have been warned for an alleged major breach
c) Yes they have been disciplined for a minor breach
d) Yes they have been warned for an alleged minor breach
e) There have not been any breaches at all