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WORK-HISTORY is your work passport. It tells employers where you’ve been, what you’ve done and how you did it.

Showcase an official, completely documented employment history that is unquestionable in tracking your career to date. See an example of an Employee Profile here

WORK-HISTORY helps to enhance your reputation replacing outdated CVs and resumes, which lack relevance in the 21st Century workplace. Your profile is a factual overview, rather than a self-written document.

Your WORK-HISTORY speaks for itself; show employers how good you really are!

  • FREE TO REGISTER & BUILD your WORK-HISTORY profile by requesting past and current employer verifications. Stop sending out self-written CVs and resumes that end up being ignored. Have your WORK-HISTORY respected and valued by the right employers!
  • SHOW CONFIDENCE IN YOUR ABILITY – once on WORK-HISTORY you can be star rated by employers and receive client, customer and colleague references. This sends a clear message to employers that you are confident in your ability as an employee.
  • HIGHER PAY – With good star ratings and lots of client, customer and colleague references your employer will recognise your value and pay you more.
  • STAND OUT & GET THAT JOB – Showcase your profile on WORK-HISTORY’S worldwide employee database. Finally a system that will help you get the job that you want.
  • NO BIAS OR FAVOURITISM – Employers star ratings are not the be all and end all of your WORK-HISTORY profile. WORK-HISTORY is a well-rounded system that integrates client, customer and colleague references which boosts your Star Rating!
  • YOU’RE IN CONTROL – for an employer to publish your details and Star Ratings they must receive your consent. You’re always in control of your own profile! Opt in or opt out at any time!
  • PRIVACY POLICY – Your employer may choose to hide your current profile (as a valuable employee) while you are working for them. However, you can still send your full WORK-HISTORY via a link to prospective employers if you’re looking for a job. When you leave a position that hidden profile can be unlocked by you and becomes part of your WORK-HISTORY.
  • CREAM OF THE CROP – Employers will be more likely to choose WORK-HISTORY employees over those with unverified and undependable resumes.
  • NO MORE INTIMIDATING ANNUAL PERFORMANCE APPRAISALS – The WORK-HISTORY system allows efficient and frequent communication, via email, between employer and employee, to take place generally monthly, which helps guide your performance!
  • DISPUTE RESOLUTION – should disagreements arise regarding Star Ratings, exchange via email helps aid communication in a less intimidating method of resolution.
  • GET THE RECOGNITION YOU DESERVE – showcase and be proud of your WORK-HISTORY! Let your WORK-HISTORY speak for itself!