CCC References

What is a Work-History Client / Customer / Colleague Reference

What is a Work-History Client / Customer / Colleague Reference

It’s FREE to have your say.

Clients, customers and colleagues (CCCs) of employees can all have their say and can easily provide references via the Work-History system.

Work-History's CCC reference system allows instant feedback that goes directly to the employee and employer via email. To be able to provide a reference a client, customer or colleague must be an existing Work-History Member. This ensures the reference is from a genuine source.

This open communication will help build rapport and ensure customer satisfaction from those who are able to best render an appraisal.


Having your say will allow your voice to be heard.

This feedback system allows valued clients and customers to provide positive or negative feedback which can be used to nurture the relationship to benefit both parties. When a client or customer sends a reference to the employer and employee a confirmation receipt is received by the customer. This then provides the opportunity for ongoing customer and client connections. In cases where there is a negative reference it is extremely important that a reply is given which satisfies the client or customer (without Work-History this client or customer would be lost). Conversely, a positive reference can also be used to thank the person for their business and welcome repeat business.


Work-History promotes harmonious working environments because colleagues can provide references on each other. Benefits of having a harmonious workplace will help maintain a pleasant environment that everyone wants to be a part of. Positive references help increase star ratings for employees so it’s important relationships with colleagues are respected. Negative references from colleagues can be used to highlight disputes or issues between staff and can be resolved quickly and easily before it becomes a major issue.


CCC References are used by an employer to provide valuable feedback on the performance of employees and to gauge customer satisfaction to ensure repeat business.

Client and Customer References provide insight which can be used to improve services and gain an understanding of the interactions between staff and clients. These references are an employer’s eyes and ears even when they are not around. Colleague References provide an opportunity for feedback from work colleagues, which promotes a more harmonious working environment.

Employers and employees are instantly notified via email when a reference is created and they have a choice whether to read it or not. For just AUD $2.00 an employer or employee can read a reference. This is an extremely simple and cost effective means of looking after existing clients and having them help you grow your business.


Apart from the obvious advantages, positive CCC References are valuable as they help increase an employee’s Work-History Star Rating.

Client and Customer References allow employees insight into what their clients and customers think about them and this provides the opportunity to maintain or improve their performance. Acquiring positive Colleague References will enable an employee to demonstrate and enhance their value to their employer. Employees don’t have to rely solely on Star Ratings provided by their employer or manager. Work-History aims to negate unfair favouritism and bias through its adoption of these references.

When a CCC Reference is created the employee will be notified and they have the opportunity to read the reference. For just AUD $2.00 they can read the CCC Reference and use it to enhance their Star Rating. The employee can also post and display any positive reference they choose on their Work-History profile.