CCC References

CCC References


  1. You need to be logged in
  2. Search through the Work-History database
  3. Select the employee
  4. Write them a reference

Clients, Customers and Colleagues (CCCs) of employees can all have their say and can easily provide references via the Work-History system. These references go directly to the employer and the employee. To be able to provide a reference a client, customer or colleague must be an existing Work-History member. This ensures the reference is from a genuine and identifiable source.


They are used by an employer to provide valuable feedback on the performance of employees. They provide insight which can be used to improve services and gain an understanding regarding interaction between staff and clients.

Employers are notified when a reference is received and they have a choice whether to read it or not, for just $2.


Apart from the obvious advantages, positive CCC references are valuable to employees on Work-History as they help increase their Star Rating. Employees don’t have to rely solely on ratings provided by their employer or manager. Work-History aims to negate favouritism and bias through its adoption of these references.

If an employer chooses not to pay to read a reference, the employee has the opportunity to pay $2 to read the reference and use it to enhance their own Star Rating.


This system allows valued Clients and Customers to provide positive or negative feedback which can be used to maintain the relationship and increase repeat business. When a Client or Customer sends a reference to the employer and employee a confirmation receipt is received. This then provides the opportunity for a reply by the two parties involved. In cases where there is a negative reference it is extremely important that a reply is given which satisfies the Client (without Work-History this client would be lost). Conversely, a positive reference can also be used to thank the person for their business.


Work-History promotes harmonious working environments because Colleagues can provide open and honest references on each other. Positive references help increase Star Ratings.

Having your say, for Clients, Customers and Colleagues is FREE.