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It has taken 2 years to complete WORK-HISTORY.com. This is Con’s story that inspired its creation:

My feeling has always been that good people and good employees should be rewarded, and this is the main reason I created WORK-HISTORY.

What has lead me to feel this way is that, as an employer myself, I have also had numerous unpleasant experiences with staff and people over the last 15 years. Amongst the many great employees there has also been the odd staff member who has stolen money, been dishonest, lazy, bullied others, has been unreliable or just generally under-performing who do not care about their job. These bad employees have had a negative impact on the good employees, the company, its reputation and its customers.

Selecting the right people in the beginning and maintaining their performance is crucial to the company’s productivity, bottom line and its staff morale. Everybody needs good employees working in a harmonious environment to make work easier.

WORK-HISTORY is a 360⁰ employment system which brings together verified references from employers, clients, customers and colleagues to give a well-rounded view of an employee’s capabilities at work.

I’ve had experiences where I’ve employed staff after doing due diligence, calling references, and getting a favourable reply. However, I later found out that the verbal reference was given to me to get rid of a bad employee. I’ve found self-written CVs and resumes to be unreliable. I don’t wish to employ people only to find out after 3 months they’re not up to the task. My belief is that the truth should be told and it’s an employer’s duty of care to pass on accurate information about prospective employees.

The final straw came in mid 2008.

A trusted long term employee at one of my hotels was acting suspiciously and I confronted him. He denied any wrong doing.

Being in the hotel business, I received an emergency call from a hotel guest that he had been locked out of his room. Upon checking the computer system this guest had been allocated to the wrong room. Knowing something was seriously wrong, I turned up to the hotel to confront the manager face to face. When I asked him why this guest wasn’t in the computer allocated room he broke down and told me he had been accommodating his friends. With steam coming out of my ears, I went up to the room, with the employee, prepared to physically throw out his friends! I knocked on the door, when the door opened I saw 3-4 people, one being about 7 ft tall!

Needless to say, the employee ran off when the door opened and that was the last I ever saw of him. When I entered the room I realised I’d walked in on some shady people and activities. I called the police, then and there, just to protect myself. To my relief, these shady characters left quickly!

My other hotel staff all wanted me to pursue this employee to get justice because he had let us all down. However, from experience, I knew this would be a waste of time.

The best I could do was to ensure that any prospective employer knew the truth about this employee. Given this employee wouldn’t put me down for a reference I needed to create a system or database that held him accountable and registered that he had worked for my company.

Upon never having heard of such a system, I searched whether anyone was doing it worldwide. I was very excited to find there was no online star rating system for employees that was verified and dependable and could be searched by a external third party or prospective employer.

Over the next few weeks I mentally developed what was to become the blue print for WORK-HISTORY. Funding the entire project myself I promptly set about finding the right team to bring this together.

The urgency of this was exacerbated by the global financial crisis (GFC). I was watching companies going broke and employees losing their jobs. I felt that the WORK-HISTORY system would promote a level of honesty, dependability and increase productivity worldwide which would save jobs and companies.

Realising that the system had to be well-rounded to work, good employers, good employees, clients and customers needed to embrace the system. Not being on the WORK-HISTORY system raises question marks in the mind of prospective employers. However, all good employees should be proud of their reputation and let their WORK-HISTORY speak for itself.

As an employer I am happy to provide my hard working staff with good star ratings. In my individual capacity, I would also be happy to provide other employees and other businesses with positive references and praise for their good work. I’d also offer constructive criticism to employees and companies that I felt needed it.

Looking forward, I wouldn't employ anybody in my business or personal life if they didn't have a verified WORK-HISTORY.

I’m proud to say that WORK-HISTORY.com is the first verified 360⁰ employment Star Rating System of its kind worldwide, which was created to reward good employees, promote increased productivity, build a harmonious workplace and MAKE WORK EASIER.