About Us




Logo as compared
  • The WORK-HISTORY logo has a number of key facets.
  • The logo is a symbolic eye, it is watching, surrounding and protecting the people within, like a white light.
  • It’s light blue because it is calming, non-aggressive and friendly.
  • The stars represent that WORK-HISTORY is a Star Rating website.
  • We rest on our good name.
  • It also symbolically represents the Ancient Greek charms (as below) used to ward off the ‘evil eye’.
Greek Evil eye 2


  • A desire that the site will have a positive impact on current workplace practices by empowering, motivating and rewarding employees through a transparent and fair system of star ratings and references which allows them to remain abreast of expectations and strive to meet those expectations.
  • The hope that worldwide use of the site and its services will lead to an effective and positive workplace relations system whereby productivity and commitment are recognised, valued and rewarded. Individuals, businesses and organisations prosper, creating a better work place environment for all.
  • That dishonest and poor workers or employees will either improve or be sifted out of the workforce.
  • Proper communication between employers, employees and customers will lead to a more harmonious working environment which, will lead to a more productive and profitable workplace. With the right system in place, work can be a happy place.
  • WORK-HISTORY will provide a tool for employees to showcase a true reflection of their work performance and they will be selected accordingly based on these merits rather than be judged superficially or in a discriminating manner
  • To foster good relationships.